Tom Hiddleston - There is a Lady Sweet and Kind

There are no words to describe just how incredibly beautiful and sexy this was :D

I’m genuinely having difficulty breathing, which I’ve said before but this time I am not kidding in any way - That was gorgeous! dear lord… <3

Press play, it’s marvelous <3

More awesomeness from the folks at the ARM project.

Today we got all dressed up and went to the Italian District and had an incredible dinner. Ms. B and I had cosmos. It’s about time, I sure needed one. Christian was happier than ever, because he had Lasagna.  Tianjin has some beautiful architecture from all over the world - here’s why - “In 1856, Chinese soldiers boarded The Arrow, a Chinese-owned ship registered in Hong Kong flying the British flag and suspected of piracy, smuggling, and of being engaged in the opium trade. They captured 12 men and imprisoned them. In response, the British and French sent gunboats under the command of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour to capture the Taku forts (大沽砲台) near Tianjin in May 1858. At the end of the first part of the Second Opium War in June of the same year, the Treaties of Tianjin were signed, which opened Tianjin to foreign trade. The treaties were ratified by the Emperor of China in 1860, and Tianjin (known as Tientsin) was formally opened to Great Britain and France, and thus to the outside world. Between 1895 and 1900, Britain and France were joined by Japan, Germany and Russia, and even by countries without Chinese concessions such as Austria-Hungary, Italy and Belgium, in establishing self-contained concessions in Tianjin, each with its own prisons, schools, barracks and hospitals. These nations left many architectural reminders of their rule, notably churches and thousands of villas. Today those villas provide an exotic flavour to Tianjin.”

Public record I found for Ruth Lycke who runs International Health, LLC. If I would have found this before we left, I could have saved myself a lot of grief! Anyone can find this record by entering her name in the Iowa court case search.

We are interested in taking our son for this program and have met with Ruth Lycke. My son suffered and Anoxic Brain Injury after having a reaction to Prescription medications. He is now 21 and was 18 when he suffered his injury. I am so happy to see your family's success in China. Do you have any advice on starting this rehab without going through Ruth?

Hi Djmack1:  I would be happy to help you. When did you meet?  

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